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333 N Main St, Manteca CA 95336

Spa Hours: 9am – 10pm pm

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How Can We Help You?

1Can I eat before a treatment?
It is good if you don’t eat beforehand. If you feel hungry you can have a small healthy snack
2What should I bring to the massage treatment?
We have all the necessary requirements to keep you feel refreshed and revitalized. Our therapists can take you to a blissful journey.
3Will a single massage treatment help me feel better?
Yes, but we suggest you become a regular spa visitor for gaining the most out of the signature therapeutic treatments
4Do I need to tell the therapist about any medical conditions?
Yes, during the personalized consultation session, you can open up your medical symptoms and worries. Let your therapist be aware about your current conditions for suggesting the best medicinal treatment.
5Which massage treatment is right for me?
We offer a glorious array of services ranging like Asian full body massage, amazing relaxation oil body massage with shower service.