Amazing Relaxation Asian Massage With Shower in Salida, Escalon CA

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Asian Massage Special Offers

Relax and unwind with our signature treatments

60 Minute Spa Treatments ---- $50
30 Minute Combo Spa Pack ---- $40
Shower facility is available for optimum results
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How Are We Different From The Rest?

Our unique nurturing relationships with our spa guests offer them the best in spa technology. Our genuine and trustworthy services are what make us unique.
Spa Treatments

  • Incorporate the latest in technology for spa equipment and facilities and in anything that improves our guest’s experience.
  • Ensure a consistently high-quality effective massage experience, session after session
  • Guests receive continuous improvement from our effective spa treatments
  • Customized spa sessions to satisfy our customer needs
  • Use advanced technologies that combine both ancient rituals and modern modalities
Customer Relationship
  • Understand clients offer effective solution to their needs
  • Invest in long-term positive relationships
  • dentify current medical situation and suggest spa treatments
  • Provide easy access to online bookings
  • Staffs clearly communicate about the whole session
  • On time spa sessions
  • Constantly gather feedback for better service
  • Promptly follow-up on concerns, complaints, and suggestions
  • Be clear, honest and generous

Completely Relaxed Asian Massage In A Relaxed Environment

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